Good and Bad News

Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news. The bad news is that despite Carolien’s heroic efforts to make it all work and get people to come and have fun on the track, due to the lack of riders, the races cannot take place as planned. This is sorely disappointing for us all, but especially for Carolien. She is one of the riders like the rest of us, but also the brain and driving force behind the whole thing.

Now for the good news: all that effort is not going to waste. Because we have a track, we have timing, we have a couple of wonderful volunteers who want to help out and because there’s not that many of us (around 18), there’s plenty of track time for all. The starting point is still the original race schedule, but that leaves plenty of room for requests. Want a TT on both days and make one a 500m and the other a kilo? Want to try that flying lap again? We can make that work, and time your efforts, too. There’s even talk of attacks on The Hour. More fun cannot be had on a track and it’s a perfect prep-session for the upcoming Worlds. Or any other event. There’s one catch, we need everyone to get their hands dirty, because our volunteers can’t handle everything and Carolien deserves to enjoy this event, so will not be the person that has to deal with all questions and issues. She’s a sprinter and sprinters get tired easily.

So it’s really a question of cake. The fewer people at the party, the more cake for everyone. And all this for the reduced price of €40, so we can at least try to keep the good people of Sportpaleis Alkmaar happy and feed the volunteers. It is also possible to have dinner on Saturday and Sunday at the Sportpaleis for €15 per day. The €40 for the racing can be paid to E.J. Boland, or cash on saturday.

We look forward to seeing you this weekend,

Axel and Edzard

Accommodatie beschikbaar / Accommodation available

Carolien heeft een bungalow gehuurd in de omgeving van de baan in Heiloo. Er is nog plaats van donderdag t/m zondag. 75 euro pp.
Neem contact op met Carolien als je belangstelling hebt, via het formulier hier onder.

Carolien has rented a bungalow near the track in Heiloo and there are a few places available.
Thursday to Sunday, 3 nights 75 pp.
Contact Carolien if you want to join, using the form below.

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Trainingstijden / Training possibilities

In de week voorafgaand aan de Friendship Race zijn er mogelijkheden om op de baan te trainen. Wil je op de maandag, dinsdag of woensdag trainen, neem dan contact op met het Sportpaleis.
Voor de donderdag en vrijdag hebben we de onderstaande trainingen vastgelegd, dus kun je komen trainen.
Kosten per training zijn 7,50 euro.
Trainen doe je zelfstandig in goed overleg met de andere aanwezigen.

In the week leading up to the Friendship Race there are some possibilities to train on the track. If you would like to train on monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, contact Het Sportpaleis.
Costs 7,50 euro per session.
The Thursday and Friday sessions as mentioned below have been booked, so you are welcome to join.
The training sessions are not coached but in consultation with the  other participants.

Do 20-8:  12.30-15.30 + 18.00-21.00
Vr 21-8: 12.30-15.30 + 19.00-21.30

Bij vragen neem contact op met Carolien: / When you have questions contact Carolien:

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2015 Friendship Race

There are preliminary plans in place to hold a 2nd Friendship Race in Alkmaar, arranged in a similar manner as the successful event last year.

More details will be posted as they become available.

The proposed dates are August 22-23, 2015. Check back here regularly for updates.